Dr. Seuss Cat In The Hat Thing Furry Wig


When you are putting together an excellent look for a costume, you know that there are many Things that you have to keep in mind. The fabric feel of the clothes, themselves, are definitely a Thing. The shoes and how they fit on your feet are a big Thing, too. Perhaps you need a few accessories to complement the look and make sure that everyone knows exactly who or what you are… and that can be a whole lot of different Things right there! With all those Things on your mind, well, we know that Things can get a little bit loopy. You might start seeing or hearing Things and sense a forming pattern in the world that begins to baffle the mind. That could be a Thing, too. And, before you know it… you begin to feel like you, yourself, might be a Thing! If you’re starting to feel a little like a Thing, do not fear. Things are a source of excitement and fun. They bring about the childish antics that we all hope to embody. They’ve got some unusual friends and have boundless creative energy. And, of course, they have giant freaking blue hairdos that make them adorably unique. Become a Thing unlike any other Thing out there with this Dr. Seuss Thing Wig with its bright layered and swirled designs and adjustable sizes. Get a bunch and have a Thing party! It fits with a size adjuster on the inside, making it a one-size-fits-most style. The hair is made out of synthetic material, that can be styled to get the perfect Thing style!

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