Dr. Seuss Grinch Crew Socks


Are you a nasty wasty skunk? Have you found yourself snacking on metal hardware? Do you hate Christmas? We’re kidding, we’re kidding! But there is something kind of relatable about the grouchiness of Mr. Grinch. We all have days where we just feel tired, cranky, and/or left out. That doesn’t give you an excuse to be mean, but it might mean you can pull on some matching socks! Release your inner Grinch safely and humorously by donning this pair of The Grinch Costume Crew Socks. You may find your mood lightens just by putting them on!

These Grinch socks are the perfect green hue. The yellowy-green chartreuse color is instantly recognizable as the 1966 TV special version of the Grinch. For those who still aren’t sure, the wide yellow eyes and black detailing of the eyebrows and hair will clue them in on the character. There’s a hint of redemption, though, in the red hearts on the calves! You could wear these for a costume—or you could just wear them for the fun of it. If you’re looking for more Grinch accessories, we’ve got gloves, masks, hats, and more on our website!

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