Dungeons & Dragons Dice Umbrella


Critical Rain Gear. Keep yourself dry with this Dungeons & Dragons Dice umbrella. Stay dry in beautiful nerdy style with this awesome umbrella! Unique, useful, and absolutely perfect for the roleplayer. The umbrella features a striking red and black color scheme. It’s done to look like a 20-sided dice! At the center of the D20 is the iconic Dungeons & Dragons logo. The umbrella comes with a carrying case, which is also subtly marked with D&D dice imagery! This umbrella features an auto open and close design as well as a packing sleeve. Everyone knows that you never want to ask the Dungeon Master what the weather is like when you’re adventuring. They’ll grab out some dice and you can guarantee that you’re going to have rough weather for the trip. Fortunately, when your characters are properly equipped, you can face down any storm. That goes double for you when you’ve got this Dungeons & Dragons Dice Umbrella at your side. Flip it up and open and you’re rolling Nat-20s every time the clouds are out!