Shock Hand Buzzer Zapper


Pranking has never been more fun using this Hand Buzzer. Bring a shocking surprise to your friends and family as you hold their hand or do a handshake with them. Just slip the ring on your finger and hold the device in the palm of your hand and watch your friend’s reaction as you shake their hands. This prank toy will deliver a small harmless electric shock to your victim. It will not harm them but will get a very fast surprise reaction. The device is very small and will not be noticeable when placed in hand. Your friends will think you just want to shake hands with them, little did they know you are going to have fun pranking them. The battery can be replaced, so you can have loads of fun. Great for a good laugh in your office and home. The perfect gift to people who love pranks or do it the other way around and take revenge by pranking them too! Random colors.

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