Elven Hooded Deluxe Cloak


Have you seen an Elven weapon before? They’re simple, elegant, and highly effective against a horde of orcs. The elves know that their work with weapons is top notch and we suspect that it’s one of the reasons why so many elves have such a self-righteous attitude!

That self-righteousness should transfer to your Elvish wardrobe. Why, you ask? Because when you’re a fragile being who dwells in the depths of an ancient forest, you’ve got to be aware of the creatures around you. Anything could be lingering in the underbrush from a wise, giant spider to a hungry dragon that’s just waking from a hundred years of slumber. It’s no wonder that wood elves have massive ears, they need to be listening at all times whether they’re galloping through the woods on horseback or gathering mushrooms in a peaceful clearing.

What would really help is a nice, long cloak — like this Elven Cloak we have here — to shield your pale elvish skin from the vision of dangerous enemies. More than that, its delicate polyester brushed knit flannel fabric will flutter in any wind given off by nearby danger. It’s also somewhat of a tabula rasa, or a blank canvas, ready to be imbued by any and all Elvish spells you have for it. Imbibe in it a ward of flames, or a boost to your sneak skill, or a level of transparency that will help you hunting in the woods. The possibilities are quite literally endless, as varied as any of your favorite fantasy epics. This wide-collar cloak, with its oversized pointed hood, will add magic to any LARPing session, Halloween costume, or epic battle you’re about to wage. Check out the rest of our fantastical accessories, from cloaks to wizard staffs and even wings. you’ll find the magical pieces that will make your character come alive!

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