Fantastic Beasts MACUSA Knit Slouch Beanie


A lot is going on out there. Balancing the International Statute of Secrecy and the world’s 21st-century acceptance of wizardkind is tricky. Magic must remain seemingly implausible, at the very least. Because while most are ready to accept its existence, revealing that it’s true could lead to a whole other world of complications. As a member of the Magical Congress of the United States of America, it’s your job to keep up the illusion. That means racing out the door at a moment’s notice to stop trash cans from running amok. It means apparating just outside the boundaries of an ongoing situation to cast a memory charm on NoMaj bystanders. Given no time to polish your appearance before flying into action sometimes means you’re not looking up to par with the MACUSA dress code. Even with magic at your disposal. But sometimes something’s got to give when it comes to protecting wizardkind. Or does it?

Keep up appearances anyway when you add this exclusive MACUSA Knit Slouch Beanie to your wardrobe! The officially licensed Made By Us cap is knit in blue and cranberry, reflecting both its association with Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and the United States flag. Its 9.5-inch length allows the hat to be worn with a slight drape at the back. Meanwhile, the appliqued MACUSA emblem ensures the otherwise casual accessory is appropriate to wear while on the job with your fellow Congress members!