Fibbon Ribbon Magic Trick by Dick Stoner


Fibbin Ribbon Trick by Dick Stoner
Effect: You show a frame that you clip 4 colored ribbons to. You explain that this is a new technology to replace the polygraph. the ribbons are sensitive to someone telling a lie. They vibrate when a lie occurs. You have spectator come up and select one of four colored cards while you back is turned. You then “hypnotize” the spectator so that any question you ask they will say “Yes”. You name a color you think they selected. He answers “Yes” and that color ribbon flys off of the frame. More questions that are very funny are asked and more ribbons fly. You name the last color left – they answer “Yes”. Nothing happens and that is the color that was selected. Dick Stoner’s Amazing and Hilarious Routine with patter is included.

This trick combines magic, ESP and comedy. Several different colored cards are shown on a good looking base. Behind the cards is hanging ribbons of the same colors. A card is mentally selected, and while the magician is holding the base, the same color ribbons fly off of the stand into the air!

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