Five Card Stunner


This is a great routine that was originated by the legendary Frank Garcia and we have brought it back! In the description below, we will be using four red cards and one black card, though your cards may vary. You display five cards in your hand, four red cards (for example the 3,6,8, and 10 of hearts), and the fifth card is a Black card (for example, the Jack of Spades). After showing all five cards to be different, you count them down onto the table. You wave your hands over the pile of cards and then spread the cards out to show that Jack has magically vanished! Next, you reveal that Jack has reappeared in another location! After placing the Jack back on the table, you turn a card over with the Jack (for example say the 10 of Hearts) and place the Jack into your pocket (or anywhere you wish). In the blink of an eye, when you turn the face-down card on the table over (formally the 10 of Hearts) it is revealed to be the Jack of Spades that you had just placed into your pocket and the 10 of Hearts (which was facedown on the table) has taken Jack’s place in your pocket! Amazingly visual, with a clean finish that is completely examinable!
See Video Performance Below

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