Flapper Headband Gold & Black Deluxe


Everything will be jake when you pull on your glad rags, hop in your flivver, lam it to the gin mill, lay down a few rubes for some giggle juice and join the other sheiks and shebas for a night that really hits on all sixes. Whew, sorry. We got to looking at this flapper headband and suddenly the 1920s slang just took over. There’s such a deep well of colorful phrases from that era that it’s hard to resist. For the benefit of our modern-day customers, we’ll try to keep the lingo a little more current from here on out. Now if you’ll just let us adjust our cheaters, everything ought to be copacetic. Argh, we’re doing it again!

OK, let us translate: You’ll have a great time when you add this stretchy, sequined headband with string tassels, a pair of black faux feathers, and a bejeweled flower button to your flapper ensemble and head to a costume party for some drinks with friends. It’s a perfect fit whether you’re off to a Roaring Twenties night, a “Great Gatsby” celebration, or even a non-era-specific event. We’d just like to see any hard-boiled palooka try to say you’re not the cat’s meow in this ducky little orchid! Oh heck, we’re doing it again, aren’t we?

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