Fleur Delacour Cape Costume Accessory


The Beauxbatons Academy of Magic brought elegance and wonder to Hogwarts when it was time for the Triwizard Tournament. While the aggressive Durmstrang Institute certainly made a show of their arrival, it couldn’t approach the enchanting entrance of Fleur Delacour and her fellow classmates. Is it because Beauxbatons trains their ladies in grace? Is it because Fleur and her sister are part-Veela and, thus, have the innate enchanting quality of the magical faerie folk? Both are possible, but we know they have a trick up their sleeve.

More accurately, they’ve got a glorious accessory that makes their gliding entrance so astonishing! Join up with Beauxbatons and the Delacours with this officially licensed cape. It is a light blue mantle that fastens with a hook and loops in the front. Made of satin fabric, it has the very same shine that you’d expect of an enchanting beauty like Fleur. It’s a perfect way to top off your Wizarding World look! Show those Hogwarts folks what real magic is like when you reveal your Beauxbaton’s grace thanks to this Fleur Delacour cape. Perhaps you’ll discover if Fleur has inherited all of her Veela powers in the process!

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