Fox Orange Fingerless Paws


Who has orange paws? Foxes do, for sure. Tigers do as well, with some stripes across the tops. Even mascots like Tony the Tiger and Chester Cheetah sport some seriously bright orange mitts. Yep, we can think of a few costumes that would require some orange details! Whether you’re dressing as a furry peach or a classic fox, we think these Orange Fingerless Paws are exactly what you need to complete your look.

These orange paws are all about great texture! The tops of the gloves are all about the faux fur, which is orange but also uses some black strands for depth. The palms of the paws feature a classic paw design—a rounded triangle in the middle and four ovals for each “toe.” A bit of elastic at the wrists keeps these paws firmly in place. There’s no need to worry about how to eat or drink in these, either, because your fingers and thumbs are quite free! So, you’ve got the paws sorted out, but what about the rest of your costume? Check out our website for more fox pieces, as well as other orange accessories that might suit your look.

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