Fox Orange Tail Deluxe Oversized


Let’s face it—foxes don’t have the best of reputations. They’re described as “sly” and “sneaky” when they’re just trying to feed their families. In fairy tales, they’re almost always the ones that you shouldn’t trust. The boastful gingerbread man is snapped up by a fox, and many rabbits are antagonized by them in stories. However, they’re also described as being smart—and usually, if you “outfox” someone, that’s a good thing, because you outwitted them. And sure, foxes may be cunning, but they’re also charismatic. What’s not to love about those fuzzy, pointy faces? Still, just because foxes are intelligent and not necessarily trustworthy, that doesn’t mean they’re evil, does it?

If you like to keep people guessing as to your intentions, this Deluxe Stuffed Fox Tail might suit you just fine. Its textured reddish fur gives it a sophisticated spin and the white tip keeps it looking authentic. It comes with an adjustable elastic belt to fit most waists. You don’t need belt loops or safety pins for this one! Wear this versatile accessory with a pair of ears or any combination of costume pieces to get your perfect vulpine look. Some characters are very obviously supposed to be “good” or “evil.” If you enjoy having people second guess whose side you’re on, then this deluxe stuffed fox tail is the costume for you!

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