Freddy or Indiana Jones Style Brown Fedora Hat


Behind all the scars, the frightening claws, and the invasion of nightmares, Freddy Krueger is, at heart, a man of fashion. This Adult Freddy Fedora is proof. He’s studied all the trends of the last few decades and his hat tests well with teens and young adults. They shriek and gasp every time he shows up wearing it. Why everyone on Elm Street cried bloody murder when they caught sight of his fashion statement. They even see it in their dreams at night. Ol’ Freddy came to the natural conclusion that they either love it or are completely terrified by it. Freddy is cool with either one of those and if you want to be like Freddy, you want to wear this hat!


We can’t all be as smooth as Indiana Jones with the hat grab. He’s been traveling and going out on incredible adventures since he was just a little kid meeting Tolstoy when he ran away from his parents (Yeah, he really did that). He’s been practicing with a whip for just about as long too. With a look as awesome as he’s got going on, it’s a surprise anybody still tries to square up with him, but if they do, he’s even got fist-fighting skills better than any of the bad guys. With all this going on, it’s okay for us to be a little less smooth with our moves than him, so don’t feel bad if weren’t able to snag it after slipping through the closing door.

Of course, now you’re probably saying, “But that hat was awesome looking and really expensive! Where can I get a new one that I can actually afford?” Well, we know exactly where you can grab one of those sweet-looking fedoras for a much lower price.