Friday The 13th Jason Vorhees Movie Licensed Unisex Adult T-Shirt


You can’t keep a good Jason down. Many have tried. We’ve watched every single movie in the Friday the 13th franchise, and it’s impossible. Every time that people think he’s finally down for the count, he comes back for some more mayhem! They even tried freezing him and sending him into outer space. Nothing stops Jason and now, he’s coming to invade your wardrobe. Yep, he’s tired of just causing destruction among teens and unsuspecting victims. He’s hanging up his machete for a minute, to bring you some apparel that’s to die for. He wants to wreak havoc in your closet with this Jason Vorhees Friday the 13th T-Shirt. It’s a deadly shirt that will never die!

RETRO MOVIE STYLE – This throwback detailed design men’s t-shirt was made for cult classic movie fans.
BRIGHT & BOLD – This men’s tee sports a vibrant multi-color graphic print design that lets everyone know you take individual style seriously.
BUILT TO LAST – With two-needle hemmed sleeves and a bottom, this t-shirt is built tough so it won’t unravel.
SUPER COTTON COMFORT – 100% cotton guarantees this will be one of your softest regular-wear t-shirts.
100% AUTHENTIC GEAR – Officially licensed merchandise to keep you in style and legit.