Frog Deluxe Mascot Costume

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The perfect outfit for hopping to happiness. There are few things in life that are more fun than a dancing frog, and the Deluxe Plush Frog Mascot Adult Costume allows you to become just that. This larger-than-life frog suit will help you jump from lily pad to lily pad, or at least be the life of several conversations. Either way, everyone will love this costume. The central component of the Deluxe Plush Frog Mascot Adult Costume is the polyester bodysuit. This spotted green suit has a bright yellow chest area and zips up in the back. This costume also comes with a friendly head to pop on top. With beady, friendly eyes and a broad smile, you’ll have the rare distinction of being a frog and a prince. The outfit is completed by the gloves, which have yellow palms and spotted greenbacks, and the foot covers, allowing you to re-enact Frogger and jump around traffic if you choose. This awesome plush frog costume is great for sports teams, parades, events, and of course Halloween! Standard Size fits up to Men’s XL.

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