Fundies Underwear Built For Two


Put away those thongs from Victoria Secret and that package bulging Speedo you bought while on vacation in Europe, and ignite your sex life with Fundies: Underpants For Two. The large underwear features two sets of legs and two rears so you and your significant other can slip into something a little more comfortable. You can squeeze together and get closer to a person than you ever thought possible. Be careful! Many product testers reported strong inclinations towards periods of nudity and shortness of breath following the wearing of Fundies: Underpants For Two. Two Are Better Than One. The snug fit of our fabulous Fundies: Underpants for Two is the reason for the sudden surge of pregnancies in the United States. Ok, I can’t prove that’s even true, but when you and your significant other spend some time in the Fundies, you won’t really care.

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