Zagone Studios Funny Bones Evil Skull Clown Mask With Attached Rainbow Afro Wig


Colorful clown skull character mask with an attached jumbo-size rainbow afro wig. Hand poured, painted, and assembled in the US. Second-skin comfort of natural rubber latex. Proprietary face mold for an anatomical fit and natural movement in the face. The Perfect alignment of the eyes brings the character to life. Soft to the touch and face allowing for maximum comfort. Soft then yet extremely durable and resilient. Unique character sculpts are often used in feature films, short TV Shows, and all manner of individual videos. This Halloween Mask can be used comfortably and safely for a Trick or Treating Costume, Actor Mask in Theater Plays, TV Shows & Movies, Horror Movie Costumes, Haunted House Masks, Cosplay, Advertising Model Costume, Window Displays, and Costuming Props, etc.

We carry Zagone Studios masks because they are designed and handmade in the USA. They have been a family-owned and managed business for over 40 years. The design focus is to deliver comfortable, lightweight, and breathable Masks. They are durable and long-lasting masks! Each mask is handmade in the USA (Melrose Park, IL) and inspected by a Zagone team member before it is ever packed.

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