Gangster Swank Deluxe Costume


Hey guys! Do you love the Roaring 20s? The Adult Swankster Costume includes a pinstriped suit that is cut to flatter your form. All you need is a simple dress shirt and tie underneath.  If you’re a fan of the old-time gangster movies you see on TV and you dream about the days of the tommy-gun, the speakeasy, the flappers and the Charleston, Have we got a look for you! Impress your friends and guests at your next Halloween party with this bold, debonair look. You’re ready for the next swinging affair with your friends, and you’ll turn many ladies’ eyes to you. Admit it, you want this costume. It’s so hip, you’ll have difficulty looking over your pelvis, baby. Check out are selection of Gangster Fedora Hats (sold separately)!

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