Glinda Costume Crown & Wand Set


Good Witch Goals:
Have you ever shown up at an event and wished you could have arrived in a big pink bubble? Have you ever wished that you could set someone off on a wild adventure in order to teach them a lesson they would never forget? Maybe what you need is the type of crown that’ll give you those good witch vibes. Sure, you still might not have magical powers but the good witch crown will make sure people listen to your majestic advice.

This soft, silver crown is the perfect way to top off your good witch costume. The lightweight material secures at the back with a hook and loop strip. A cheerful pattern, as well as a jewel on the forehead, makes sure your good witch status doesn’t go unnoticed. Packing flat when you’re done dressing up, this crown can be brought out whenever you want to make a witchy impression!

Conjuring Consultation:
When you say that your niece needs to take a break from dating and focus on the beauty of friendship while taking a trip down the yellow brick road, she might actually take that road trip! Your boss might believe you when you tell her that your workplace needs a little more Lollipop Guild-style teamwork. No bubble transport is needed. Your good witch goals are in the mail!

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