Rubies Female Size Chart

How To Measure Yourself?

BUST:  Measure around the fullest part of your chest.

WAIST:  Measure around your natural waist (generally at your belly button).

Size Dress Size Waist Bust
25" - 26"
33" - 35"
27" - 30"
36" - 38"
Up to Size 12
27" - 30"
36" - 38"
31" - 34"
38" - 40"
35" - 38"
42" - 44"

Glinda The Good Witch Deluxe Costume


Are you wondering how to tell the difference between good witches and bad witches without relying on them announcing their intentions? Well, some people say it’s in the shoes or the hat. But we believe it is in the poof! Simply put, the poof is the good witch truth! You see, a wicked witch would feel too encumbered by all that fabric as she’s flying her broom and stirring her cauldron, there’s no way she’s going to show up in a Glinda-style ball gown. But the Good Witch that we all know and love lives the sort of lifestyle that accommodates fairytale fashion. She travels in a bubble. She uses a small sparkly wand to cast her spells. It’s these sorts of things that allow Glinda the Good Witch to reign as one of the finest fashion icons in all of Oz!

This costume is sure to make an enchanting entrance, whether you’re arriving by car or bubble! The floor-length pink gown looks as if it’s straight out of Oz with sparkling stars sprinkled all over the sheer overlay and puffed sleeves! The dress fastens up the back with hook and loop strips and is studded with silver butterflies that add to the magic and ensure everyone present that you are, indeed, a very good witch.

This Officially Licensed Glinda the Good Witch Deluxe Costume includes a Satin & Knit Mesh Poofy Dress (generously sprinkled with silver glitter stars) and Light Up Crown. 

Size Chart
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