Zagone Studios Two Bit Roar Gorilla Ape Primate Moving Mouth Mask


A great fitting moving mouth gorilla mask. It relies on a 1-inch wide elastic harness for comfortable fit and mouth movement and holds securely to the face for active wearing. The face is made from a natural latex compound and the hair is synthetic plush fur. Hand-poured painted and assembled in the US. Complex sculpt with meticulous construction brings all the hand-selected components of hair, faux fur, latex, paint, and multiple straps together giving great comfort, visibility, and movement while creating a terrifying beastly allure. This Halloween mask can be used comfortably and safely for a trick-or-treating costume, actor mask in theater plays, TV shows & movies, horror movie costumes, haunted house masks, cosplay, advertising model costume, window displays, and costuming prop, etc. Don’t forget our matching Gorilla Hands, Gorilla Feet & Gorilla Pants to complete your look!

We carry Zagone Studios masks because they are designed and handmade in the USA. They have been a family-owned and managed business for over 40 years. The design focus is to deliver comfortable, lightweight, and breathable Masks. They are durable and long-lasting masks! Each mask is handmade in the USA (Melrose Park, IL) and inspected by a Zagone team member before it is ever packed.

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