Gorilla Mouth Mover Mask


Let’s Go Ape.
It’s time, friend. Halloween is finally upon us. Now, we’ve heard through the grapevine that you are a die-hard Halloween fan. And as you probably have guessed by now, we are die-hard Halloween fans, as well. This means that the changing of the season, the cool air blowing in, the pumpkin patches, and purple lights all signal one thing — Halloween is coming! Time to let loose. Now, to some people that may mean slipping into a silly costume or hosting a little gathering with mini candy in bowls, but to you, Halloween calls for a total transformation and a chance to get in touch with your wild side. That’s why this Gorilla Mouth Mover Mask is such a genius pick. You can pair it with a black tee or a full-blown furry jumpsuit, it matters not. This authentic mask promises that you can go ape and step into the life of a wild gorilla this Halloween. Your human face will be unrecognizable under this fantastic mask. It creates a gorilla-shaped head and a collar of fur, and it uses realistic details to take this look from “costume” to true transformation. The small yellow eyes and molded face and snout, plus the peek of gorilla fangs, are unforgettable. Did we mention the lower jaw of this costume moves when you do? Amazing, right?

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