Grave Mistake


….. as performed by Stephan Bargatze!

…by Dick Stoner. You’ll Die Laughing!  This fun and entertaining comedy bit will get you huge laughs in your act. It is very visual and good for any size group. It “plays big and packs small”! The routine starts with a large drawing showing a deluxe burial arrangement which you explain was offered by a funeral home. But as you explain how each burial option proved to be over your budget…folding the image as you patter . . . you finally end up with the surprise solution of a burial arrangement within your budget . . . A garbage can. This is a perfect bit for an emcee or any comedy performer. Complete patter routine included. Learn it in a few minutes and use it for years! A very fun and entertaining routine. Packs small but unfolds large enough for any size audience. The embossed picture on indestructible Tyvex materials ensures this comedy prop will last for years.
See Video Performance Below

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