Dr. Seuss Grinch Furry Mouth Mover Mask


What’s The Hoobub!?
There’s been this really strange rumor of a furry green guy that lives up on top of the mountain. Some of the Whoville citizens have tried to climb up there to see what’s going on. All they’ve heard was creepy whispers and a periodic twist of particularly fine, green hair. Now, who in Whoville knows what’ll happen if this green guy gets grumpy, so we need someone brave to go learn everything they can about this mountain-dwelling weirdo, the Grinch!

We’ve got the perfect thing to make sure that you fit in, whether you’re trying to bring the epic Christmas story to life or give a green twist to your Halloween look. Try this Grinch Furry Mouth Mover Mask on for size! This is a full foam mask that is covered in soft green velour and features faux fur on the top of the hood. You’ll be able to watch all around you through the mesh eyes, too. The best part will be reciting your favorite lines when the mouth of the mask moves along with your jaw!

Win The Holidays.
Bring the Grinch to life with this fun and comfy Mouth Mover Grinch Mask. With something as animated as this, you might even steal all of Christmas in one swoop!

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