Groot Marvel Full Body Hand Puppet by Folkmanis


If you are a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you are going to love the Full Body Groot Marvel Puppet by Folkmanis Puppets. Get ready to blast off with the best member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot himself. Constructed of smooth, durable plush material and expertly sewn to showcase the masterful craftsmanship for which Folkmanis is famous, this full-body Groot Marvel puppet has the quality you can both see and feel. “I AM GROOT!” I hope you’ve been brushing up on your impressions. While this plush Groot puppet has everything going for it in the looks department, it is missing a key component. What could this stuffed Groot puppet possibly lack? So glad you asked because it’s you! That’s right, you! Reach your hand inside of this Full Body Groot Marvel Puppet by Folkmanis Puppets and let your imagination run wild. Give this full-body Groot Marvel puppet the voice and personality it so desperately needs. You can have a party without a plush Groot puppet, but why on earth would you want to. Imagine the looks on the faces of your friends and family when they see you with this stuffed Groot puppet. I can almost hear them ooh and aah from here. Whether it’s playtime, bedtime, or somewhere in between, don’t go alone. Take this Guardian with you and you’ll have a plush companion to last a lifetime.

As with the entire line of plush puppets by Folkmanis, the Full Body Groot Hand Puppet is durably constructed to withstand numerous puppet shows, storytimes, and the expected demands of quality playtime. These fantastic puppets are made with all new materials and meet or exceed all U.S. safety standards. This Marvel Guardians Of The Galaxy Groot Hand Puppet features a movable mouth and measures 18in L x 18in H x 9in W. Recommended for ages 3+.

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