Groucho Marx Disguise Glasses


If you’re part of a multi-talented family, you may find it difficult to make a name for yourself. And how are you supposed to strike out on a successful solo career if you keep getting confused with your equally entertaining sibling? Well, we’ve heard quick wit, a birdsong singing voice, a penchant for vaudeville antics, an impressive set of facial hair, and a distinct schnoz can help. Just ask Groucho Marx! He’d probably wiggle his greasepaint caterpillars and throw a wink your way as an affirmative.

Now, we can’t gift you a nightingale’s voice or a sharp, quip-generating brain, but we can help you get the look of a legend. And all it takes is a pair of our exclusive Groucho Glasses! The officially licensed disguise is based on Groucho Marx’s trademark appearance. The accessory starts with a pair of thick-rimmed plastic glasses frames. Attached to the bridge of the frames is a sizeable soft-plastic nose to imitate Groucho’s iconic sniffer. A set of thick black eyebrows and a mustache inspired by Groucho’s signature greasepaint facial hair polishes the look. Pair the glasses with your favorite suit, grandpa cardigan, or best vaudeville-influenced costume, then hit the streets with your unique talents! With your chicken walk and some stand-out comedy bits supported by this classic accessory, you’re sure to feel as unforgettable as the one-and-only Groucho Marx!

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