Guitar Superstar Costume Hat With Hair


Becoming a famous rock star is at the top of the list of many of our ambitions. All we need is the perfect look—a solid rocker jacket, the right slacks or shorts, and an epic guitar, of course. Musical talent helps, of course, but one needs to figure those careful details out as soon as possible. Once you’ve got the basic look down, you need to ensure that you have a unique and stylish ‘do, though! When your fans get up close and personal, they need to know that they’re looking into the eyes of a star!

We can help that process along splendidly with this Guitar Superstar Hat w/ Hair. Prove that you’re the best shredder out there with this black polyester and cotton blend top hat with three massive metal buckles that only begin to show how hardcore you can get. The wavy black locks are attached under the brim of the hat and fall well beyond your shoulder, making you fully ready to do some serious head-banging. And, just in case you need to stow all your worldly wealth, the interior secret pocket will do you just fine! The next step is just showing up to your epic concert and laying waste to your competition. Oh, and maybe that musical talent, too…

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