Handkerchief Magic Book


Learn to do amazing tricks with silks, handkerchiefs, clothes- instantly! For magicians wishing to add a dramatic and baffling visual effect, there is no better choice than a trick with a silk handkerchief! This book is a treasury of handkerchief (silk) tricks that are easy to perform. Author Karl Fulves reveals the secrets to 61 of the best “self-working” (i.e.- do not need special skill or long hours of practice) tricks with easy-to-follow illustrated instructions. Over 500 clear illustrations and step-by-step instructions show you exactly how to do such amazing magic feats as making silks appear and vanish, penetrating handkerchiefs with solid objects, cutting and restoring ordinary silk handkerchiefs, creating animated figures from cloth, and performing a variety of tricks that combine card magic with silk magic.

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