Harry Potter Crest Liquid Reactive Umbrella


If you’re like us you would have loved to attend school at Hogwarts. Instead of heading to school by bus or boring car, you’d be heading out for the whole year on a magical train with all of your classmates for better or worse. If you’re like us, you’ve been picturing life at the Scottish Highland school of wizardry even after you gave up on getting that ever important letter that tells you you’re actually a wizard living the life of a muggle. You’ve imagined sipping Butterbeer with your friends at Hogsmeade, skirting the Forbidden Forest, and studying divination in a spooky school tower.

Something you might not have imagined? The rainy weather. Yep, after all the school is in Scotland, rainy capital of the world. If you’ve read the books then you might remember rain ruining Quidditch matches, splattering the windows of the stone towers, and chasing students from Hogsmeade back to school to warm up by the toasty fires of their dorms. *sigh* What a cozy, cozy world! And if you’re there, wearing wizarding robes, thinking wizarding thoughts, you can’t just use the same old black umbrella that you would use in the muggle world.

That’s where this umbrella comes in. With a dark background, teal and gold accents, and the house emblems that magically turn colorful when wet. It doesn’t matter which house you’re in when you’re holding this dapper umbrella you’re representing the whole school! You could always use a hot air charm after you’ve gotten wet but why not tour the school grounds in style with this umbrella, perfect for that temperamental Hogwarts weather.

It doesn’t matter if you belong to Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, or Ravenclaw, anyone can use this umbrella. This umbrella invokes wizardry of its own with our Liquid Reactive technology as it changes color when wet. The crests of each house is featured. Go ahead and add this umbrella to your spell book.

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