Voldermort Dark Mark Lightweight Scarf


All those epic Triwizard Tournaments, all the history made inside its many halls (for better or worse), and all the famous witches and wizards it has produced as if by the flick of a wand — take a bow, Hogwarts. We would be remiss not to give the Sorting Hat its due, too. All those talented kids, with all their diversity and quirk, were sorted into one of four distinct Houses. There’s House Gryffindor, known for its bravery; House Ravenclaw, full of intelligent young ones; House Hufflepuff, ever the empaths; and House Slytherin, an amalgam of ambition. And you have to go somewhere!

But you don’t need any of that, do you? Nah, you go your own way. None of those labels matter much when you’re creeping around those hallowed Hogwarts halls, after all! For your Lumos-lit nights in the corridors, we present to you this officially licensed Dark Mark Lightweight Scarf. It’s a delicate scarf that fits most, with a printed dark mark running down the end of it, so everyone knows you’re not to be trifled with! Just drape, twist, or tie all of this scarf in whichever way you need to ward off any overzealous Potions professors or other authority figures. In this, we don’t think you’ll have to deal much with unwanted social interactions, anyway.