Harry Potter Gryffindor Lightweight Scarf


You’ve just come back to the common room after an exciting Quidditch match. It was a close one, but Gryffindor triumphed over Slytherin, putting your house one step closer to the Quidditch Cup! It’s time to celebrate with butterbeer, cookies, and other foodstuffs stolen from the kitchens. You collapse into a plush red armchair by the roaring fire, ready to chat with your friends all evening long. Can you picture it? That warm, homey atmosphere is what you’ll feel every time you wrap this Gryffindor Lightweight Scarf around you. Hogwarts will always be home for its readers!

This maroon and gold scarf is the perfect accessory for both costumes and everyday outfits. Its light, gauzy material makes it wearable all year round! The scarf is mostly maroon, with gold stripes paired together along its length. At one end of the scarf, the Gryffindor lion rears on the classic house crest. Whether you’re headed to a convention or just to your next class, this piece is sure to bring a little magic to your day! Not a Gryffindor? Gift it to a brave and chivalrous friend, and check out our website for accessories that represent other houses!