Harry Potter Marauders Map A-Line Dress


Up to no good? Well, causing a little trouble is a good pastime for muggles and wizards alike, but if you’re going to solemnly sweat to some shenanigans, then you should probably make sure that you have a game plan. You know, something like the infamous Marauder’s Map, which can help you locate any professor who would attempt to put an end to your fun. Perhaps you could fashion the map into a piece of elegant apparel that you can wear during your misadventures…

This Harry Potter Maurader’s Map dress turns the magical artifact into a sleeveless dress that you can wear when you plan on making some mischief. The dress is made of a faux linen fabric and has a print design of the map seen in the Harry Potter films. It has a keyhole V-neck style neckline. It fastens with a button in the back, behind the neck.

Whether you’re a wizard looking to escape detention at Hogwarts or you’re just a muggle trying to add a dash of sorcery to her style, this Harry Potter dress is the perfect way to do it. Just make sure none of the professors catch you wearing this mischievous outfit!
Product Highlights
100% polyester faux linen fabric
A-line shift dress has keyhole V-neckline
Fastens w/ button at back of neck
All-over print of the Marauder’s Map
Officially licensed

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