Harry Potter Slytherin House Crest Tie


Are you cunning, ambitious, and of pure, non-muggle blood? And are you maybe just a little bit on the “flexible” side when it comes to matters of ethics and morality? Well, we don’t have a Sorting Hat on us (and really, what does that dumb hat know anyway?), but if you answered “yes” to any of that, we’re pretty sure you’re a Slytherin. So rep your “House” like a proud Hogwarts alum and suit up with this handsome and officially licensed Slytherin Tie! With the Slytherin colors of green and silver, and the official emblem (complete with the iconic serpent, of course) front and center, there will be no doubt what House you belong to when you hit the town in this tie. So whether you’re going to the next Hogwarts reunion or just heading out for a night of mischievous fun, make sure you’ve got this beautiful Slytherin Tie around your neck!