Harry Potter Slytherin Knit Hood Scarf


Slytherins are clever. They don’t go wasting their magical energy, all willy-nilly-like. Not like a brash Gryffindor student from Harry Potter! When it gets slightly chilly in the halls of Hogwarts, a Gryffindor would probably waggle their wand about and summon a fireball to keep their head warm. A Slytherin? Well, they’d simply reach into their satchel and toss on the warm hood that they packed away for imminent changes in weather. That way, they can save their magical reserves for something a little more important, like a deadly wizard battle or the next Quidditch match! Are you sly like a Slytherin, always planning ahead? Well, then it’s time to have the perfect piece of Harry Potter gear to keep you warm when Hogwarts gets a little drafty! This Slytherin Knit Hood is officially licensed from the movies and will help keep you comfy when the weather gets cool. Inspired by the classic Slytherin uniform, this hood is the dark green color of the Hogwarts House. It also features silver detailing and a Slytherin crest on the side. The acrylic construction means that you can drape it around your head and feel warm and cozy without using a single magic spell!