Hippity Hop Rabbits – Stage Size


This colorful comedy trick has a startling “sock” climax – a great sucker effect. Two attractive cut-outs are show. One is a white rabbit and the other a black rabbit. A cover, decorated with a white top hat is placed over the white rabbit and a cover with a black top hat is placed over the black rabbit. The magician explains that the rabbits are to change places. This is performed at least three times – with the audience becoming more exasperated as the trick progresses. Yes, the rabbits change places, but the audience can’t miss the way the performer keeps turning the covers (and their contents) throughout the sequence. At the finish, there is only one explanation possible – the white rabbit has a black rabbit on its reverse side and the black rabbit has a white rabbit on its reverse side. The younger and less inhibited members of the audience will not be slow in telling the performer their feelings. Imagine the laughter and surprise and applause when the reverse side of the white rabbit is seen to be RED and the reverse side of the black rabbit is seen to be YELLOW! The spectators may even examine the rabbits to prove to themselves that they are solid and in one piece. Approx 12″ tall.

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