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Dick Stoner reveals in this exciting teaching DVD some of the Fun Magic that has kept him busy from coast to coast in Trade Shows, Conventions and on National T.V. You will see footage of some of Dick’s appearances on T.V. with real live audience reaction. Then Dick explains in detail the SECRETS, SLEIGHTS, and CLEVER ROUTINES he has developed in forty-some years as a performer. Commercial, entertain magic for close up and stand up. Fun Magic your audiences will love and long remember.12 GREAT TRICKS & ROUTINES PLUS MANY SLEIGHTS!

Professional Magic made easy with Dick’s Detailed Video Instruction!

Dick’s Linking Rings in the Buttonhole is really funny and real amazing. The rings become linked in his coat and then are “cut off” with a pair of scissors. Then the scissors become linked on the rings. Situation comedy plus Dick’s funny lines make this a real winner.
Many real pros have commented that Dick’s Hilarious Record-Breaking Wrist tie with the outrageously funny patter is worth many times the price of this tape. Dick’s wrists and legs are securely tied by two spectators. There are no gimmicks, no stooges, no prepared apparatus. The tighter they tie dick the better it works. In a split second, Dick is out, back in and out again. This is strong magic with nonstop funny lines.
Dick’s tips and routine on the wrist chopper are priceless. Dick reveals his method of making the audience participant appear to be frightened, which heightens the effect and makes the hilarious patter even funnier.
You will learn four of Dick’s favorite card tricks. The tricks brought him a standing ovation on the award-winning Statler Brothers network television show. The Columbo Clincher is great for trade shows, restaurants, hospitality suites, or any other close-up situation. It is strong magic because it happens right in the spectator’s hand.
Mismatched is a trick that the late great Stewart Judah personally taught Dick Stoner. This card trick is the ultimate when it comes to the “Magician in Trouble syndrome”. You are exhibiting extraordinary skill with a deck of cards when at the finish of the effect it appears that you have made a big mistake. Then comes the amazing climax which reveals you as the ultimate magician and leaves your audience laughing and gasping with surprise.
You will learn Dick’s “Trademark” routine with his Las Vegas Glasses and Spectator Spectacles. These are two great openers for your close-up act. Easy magic with great reaction and big laughs.
The Las Vegas Switch is an instantaneous switch of two cards that a spectator is holding to two totally different cards. You have to see it to believe it. Then It’s a Snap where a card a spectator is holding transposes visibly—- yes visibly with a card that you are holding.
To meet the challenge of the “Wise Guy” dick reveals his Impossible Card Trick. The spectator shuffles the cards — cuts the cards — selects a card, returns it anywhere in the deck, and shuffles the cards again before the deck is returned to you. Yet you discover the card in a funny and surprising manner.
All of this plus Dick’s personal instruction on the top change, the classic force, the snap double lift, and much more.

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