I Spell Magic Fun Spiral Book


This the fun magic that has kept Dick Stoner busy in trade shows and corporate meetings and on National Television performances for the past 35 years. Bonus effect is his Record Breaking Wrist Tie that is the Hilariously Funny and Amazing Feature in his Comedy Magic stand up act.
~ Fan Dancing : You fan a full deck and let a spectator just look at the deck and you find the card in a surprising manner.
~ Mis Matched : A trick that Stuart Judah, a legend in magic, taught me over 40 years ago. A spectator selects a card without looking at it. The magician claims he will find the other three cards of the same value, When spectator reveals the card he selected it appears the magician has failed.— But wait the magician turns over the three cards and they have changed to match the selected card.
~ Visible Ace Transposition : Three aces visible one at a time join an Ace in your hand in an unbelievable manner.
~ Top Notch Bottom Deal :A poker demonstration that is easy to do but convinces your audience that you are a real card shark. You explain how a crooked dealer deals himself the four aces in slow motion. Then when you deal again in real time you surprise them with a Royal Flush.
~ Off The Cuff : An impromptu poker deal with any shuffled deck. The performer illustrates that in a straight poker deal; very seldom does any hand get more than a pair. To demonstrate a card sharks ability he deals a full house or better.
~ Columbo Clincher : One of Dick's favorite card tricks with a real Kicker Finish
~ It’s a Snap : A visual transposition of cards between your hand and the spectator's hand
~ Impossible Card Trick –  FOOL YOUR FELLOW MAGICIANS : Spectator shuffles and selects a card from a deck of cards, puts it back anywhere in the deck, and you find his/her card.
~ Plus, Color Changing Fans, Shuffle Off and Buffalo ‘Em, Duces are Really Wild, Tips on the Classic Force and more
~ Last but not least Dick Stoner's Hilarious RECORD BREAKING WRIST TIE

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