In Search Of The Funny Bone Book


In this book, you will read about the power of humor.  It is designed to help you develop a greater appreciation of humor from the standpoint of listening and delivery. You will discover the techniques for using humor in speech for fun and profit.
IMPORTANCE OF HUMOR: Humor is in advertising, politics, business, entertainment, and everyday life. It is important that we see the humor in ordinary situations and that we can laugh at ourselves. Humor will add joy to your life!
LEARN TO BE  A  PROFESSIONAL: This practical and carefully detailed book provides down-to-earth guidance, based on years of on-stage experience, in techniques for putting humor into your life. You will read and learn about the real world of humor.  The book unfolds valuable tips for organization and delivery of humorous material that can be utilized by anyone who might have the opportunity to speak before a group.  It reveals practical marketing tips for professionals. When you read this book you will learn: How, When, Where, Why, to use humor. You will also learn how to: Find, Deliver, Enjoy and Profit from humor. The benefits of this book are ideal for Speakers, Politicians, Executives, Salespersons, Humorists, Comedians,  All People!

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