Indian Necklace Authentic Look


Show off the workmanship of your tribe with our Deluxe Native American Indian Necklace. Costume jewelry is a great way to enhance your costume for an authentic look. This beautifully crafted Native American Indian Necklace with beadwork features an assortment of beadwork including rows of oval-shaped wooden beads, red round pellets and metal balls. Leather-like strands stretch between the vertical beadwork as well as in the back to tie the necklace for a comfortable fit. Colorful feathers and decorative pony beads dangle from the bottom of the beadwork on the leather-like strands. This Deluxe Native American Indian Necklace is a great costume jewelry accessory to bring a dramatic, rustic look to any Indian Chief or Warrior Brave costume as well as to bring a festive look over Thanksgiving dinner.

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