Industrial Black Mirrored Goggles


Complete your costume with the help of this simple accessory. Dark amber mirrored lenses are just the thing to give your look a touch of mystery—is your character just being safe or plotting something dangerous? With the lenses set in lightweight black plastic frames and held in place by an adjustable strap, you can comfortably wear the goggles while you set your agenda. Whether you’re going as a genius inventor or mad villain for Halloween, these mirrored industrial goggles are for you. Equal parts nerdy and eye-catching, this clever accessory, will have you looking forward to all future costume parties. Get your costume the attention it deserves with this versatile eyewear.

Sure, protective goggles are required for keeping eyes safe in laboratory settings. No one wants splashes of noxious chemicals or shards of whatever getting in their eyes. But, be honest. The real reason you’re looking at these bad boys is for the glint of light that bounces of their lenses. You’re going for an evil scientist, anime villain, or ill-willed nerd vibe, and there’s only one way to nail it. Circular lenses that perfectly obscure your eyes and thus, intentions. With this Industrial Goggle accessory, your costume is going to look, killer!

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