Inflatable Wife


Get your beautiful and fully inflatable wife here. She is sensitive, caring and gorgeous, and comes in a box. She never yells at you, she loves to watch sports with you, she loves to relax in the pool, and she won’t harass you with her friends’ drama. If you’re fed up with being constantly nagged by your missus for watching sport on the tv or are missing valuable drinking time down the pub with your mates because you’re out with your missus buying shoes. Then this could just be the perfect gift for you. The Inflatable Wife is totally silent, so there will be absolutely no nagging. Better still she’ll spend no money, not even on shoes and she’s totally faithful. You can even keep the toilet seat up without being moaned at. True, this wife won’t cook, can’t read a map or do your laundry, but at least with this wife you’ll get more man-time with your mates and be able to watch football uninterrupted. So go on revolutionizing your world, take your ‘woman’ home today, and utter these words… “Snuggle up balloon features.” 100 cm of pure dominating pleasure. Comes complete with a user manual.

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