Invisible Deck


The performer pretends to remove a pack of cards from his pocket. He states that the pack of cards is invisible. Removing cards from the case, shuffles and cuts them, even allowing the spectator to cut the invisible deck. The performer now turns the deck face up, a spectator takes a card out of the deck. The performer now has the selected card replaced face down, the spectator remembering the selected card. (Don’t forget, during the above, there is really no deck of cards). The performer replaces the invisible deck in the invisible card case and returns the deck to his pocket. Now upon asking the name of the selected card, the performer removes a visible deck of cards from his pocket. Cards are removed from the case, spread, finding one card face down. This card is turned face up and it is the selected card. The Invisible Pack is one of the All-Time Great Card Effects! Featured by Leading Magicians! These are Poker Size Bicycle Cards.
See Video Performance Below

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