Jumbo Bicycle Brand Deck Of Cards


Your favorite playing cards in JUMBO size! These large-size Bicycle back cards are perfect for use with larger audiences, making it easier to see the cards from a distance. Bicycle is the recommended brand for all card magic, especially tricks with ordinary playing cards and also card manipulations. These are professional quality cards with Bicycle design backs, produced by the U.S. Playing Card Co. This is a full deck, complete with TWO Jokers. Please note: this is a deck of playing cards only. No instructions. One of these jumbo cards is the same size as FOUR regular-sized cards placed next to each other. If you place two regular-sized cards next to each other, then place two more in another row underneath them, you could perform a prediction trick by placing the jumbo card you are using as the prediction face down, with four face-up poker cards on top, one of which matches the prediction card.

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