King Monte Jumbo Deluxe


The most painless Three Card Monte you will ever perform! Here is a truly jumbo version of the Three Card Monte. This is the one that many of you may have seen on various TV specials done by Goldfinger and Dove. Each card changes instantly and easily from a King of Clubs to a Queen of Hearts and back again. Each card is gimmicked with a cleverly hidden slide mechanism that allows you to change a King of Clubs to a Queen of Hearts simply by the way you turn the card. The fact that each of the cards can change any time you wish allows for greater variations and routines. Full-color, silk-screened cards measure 9.5″ by 14″ in size and are printed on super thin styrene plastic. These cards are the most modern-looking set available and feature a blue Bicycle back design. The cards pack flat yet show up on the largest of stages. This is a top-quality prop and the routine possibilities are literally endless. Supplied with three top-quality, handmade gimmicked cards, instructions, and a complete routine by Brad Burt.
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