King Tut Deluxe Headpiece


Wow, you da Hotep now! Whether you’re going full cosplay for your stay at the Luxor, camping out for the premier of the next Egyptian mythology blockbuster (how do they keep making those?), or just want to rock the golden god look at your next shindig, our Deluxe King Tut Headpiece will have you covered, and you won’t even be subjected to experts debating the cause of your death for centuries to come! A foam interior gives the headpiece its shape and keeps it firm, but it is adjustable for pharaohs of all ages and sizes. The little foam snake on the front will intimidate and inspire awe in your enemies and subjects friends alike –– if you’re lucky, they might even build you a pyramid!

Restore the traditions of your beloved country as the boy pharaoh Tutankhamun, the living image of the God Amun and ruler of Upper Heliopolis! Made of high-quality polyester and cotton, the King Tut Nemes headdress by elope is fully detailed with gold and black striping, as well as a cobra serpent. A Velcro size adjuster and cotton lining ensure a comfortable fit, while a secret pocket keeps treasures safe from would-be thieves.

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