Kitty Cat Ears Deluxe Oversized Headband


You’ve been a cat-lover for as long as you can remember. Some of your earliest memories are of litters of kittens you’d find and nurse behind your Grandma’s barn. But somehow, you’ve never ever dressed as a black cat for Halloween! You’ve played out all the other classic costumes — witch, vampire, zombie, ghost — but it seems you’ve saved the best for last. And now you’re feeling enormous pressure because you find the whole idea of turning into your favorite, beloved animal a little daunting. Don’t worry! This Deluxe Cat Ears Headband makes your transformation a breeze, and you can rest easy knowing you’re representing your kitty friends in fine fashion. Add this accessory to a full, furry bodysuit or simply match it up with an all-black ensemble and prowl the city, looking for all the best costume parties (and snacks). We have a feeling once you finally bite the bullet and overcome your fear of finding your inner feline, you may never go back! And that’s great news because a black cat is a Halloween look that is always in fashion! This easy-to-wear accessory features foam and faux fur black cat ears, lined with fabric. They are affixed to a covered headband so you can slip them in a flash! Meow.

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