Kylo Ren Star Wars Lightsaber


When we got our first glimpse of Kylo Ren in the Force Awakens teaser, fans around the world were stunned. Who’s this new guy? Is he the main villain? Is he a Sith? Why does his lightsaber have extra ‘hilt beams’? Is it even really a lightsaber? It left us with so many questions and only speculation to fill the void. You can suit up as the new Star Wars character with one of our official costumes, but just make sure you have the right weapon to complete the look. We’re not really sure how his lightsaber works, but we are sure of one thing—it is beyond cool! Add this accessory to complete your Episode 7 costume, and you’ll have the hottest look of the season. 33″ long when blade is extended. Blade lights when button is activated. Requires 2 AA batteries, not included.

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