Las Vegas Glasses plus Spectator Spectacles


Best Opening Card Trick Ever! Developed from an idea by Karrol Fox. Performer asks a spectator to select a card. The card is retuned to the deck by the spectator. Then the deck is shuffled by the spectator. Performer then says, “I will find your card without touching the deck”. He puts a pair of glasses on and looks down at the deck that the spectator is holding. He names a card, but it is wrong. He says, “What ,was your card?” as he straightens up. When his head is erect, spectators laugh with surprise; as they see two jumbo pips of the selected card on the face of the glasses. Quality glasses are printed inside the lense.
ALSO INCLUDED: Spectator Spectacles A Great follow up trick to Las Vegas Glasses. EFFECT: Performer, after having a card selected and returned to the deck, lets spectator try on his “Special Glasses” (glass frames only). He then explains that the back of the spectators selected card will look different to the spectator when he is wearing the special glasses. Performer spreads the deck, one card in the red deck is seen to have a blue back. (card is red if you are using a blue back deck) The performer removes the card and it is seen to be the spectator's card. He then takes the glasses back from the spectator and states that without the glasses the card will look the same as the other cards. When the spectator turns his card face down, it is now the same color as all of the rest of the deck. BOTH EFFECTS COMPLETE WITH PATTER!
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