Light-Up Color-Changing Unicorn Horn


What’s in the horn of the unicorn? Is it filled with magic and gumdrops and whimsy? Or is it just bone and naught else alone, because then it would just be a little too flimsy?

The 9-inch Unicorn Horn fits securely on your head courtesy of its clear and hard to notice clear stretchy string that secures the accessory around the head. Turn the button on and it lights up in multiple colors up for maximum magical effect. (Note: Do not headbutt anyone you love or care about while wearing the Unicorn Horn, it would just be awful for them.) There’s an inordinate number of unicorns in popular culture. There’s the Unicorn from The Last Unicorn (creative name, we know), Twilight and Rarity from My Little Pony (they’re so beautiful), and Agnes’ beloved stuffed toy from Despicable Me (“It’s so fluffy!”). Whichever mythical horse creature you love and want to dress up as most, there’s one absolutely indispensable accessory you can’t get away without, and that is, as you might guess a horn. (Fortunately, you only need one, unless you want to be the much rarer and far less popular “polycorn”.)

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