Linking Pins By Bruce Bernstein With DVD


Honed to perfection over nearly three decades, the Bernstein Linking Pin Routine is as sharp and mystifying an effect as you will ever see. The magician links two large safety pins together, fairly and plainly. At his command, the pins visibly and slowly melt apart. The unlinking of the pins actually looks like trick photography. The effect is repeated – the pins unlink again – and the illusion looks just as baffling as it did the first time. The pins are then caused to magically link together in a seemingly impossible manner. One moment the two are separate, and the next, they are linked. Finally, a nongimmicked finger ring is legitimately locked onto one of the pins. Despite the fairness of the proceedings, the ring melts off of the pin it was locked on. At the same moment, the two pins link together, in full view, inches from the spectators. At the conclusion of the routine, everything can be examined. There’s nothing to find! The Bernstein Linking Pin Routine requires no specially manufactured gaffs and no complicated sleight-of-hand. Nothing is switched in or out. All that’s required are the two pins and a finger-ring. There are no external gimmicks. It’s ready any time. Included inside are all necessary props and media: two, specially selected and hand-adjusted three-inch safety pins, a broadcast-quality instructional DVD featuring Bernstein’s performance and explanation, and a 17″x22″ poster (no page-turning required!) with clear line drawings to make learning easy.

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